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Pleasantly surprised - Al

Date: 2013-06-04 11:35
Subject: Pleasantly surprised
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I went for an eye test this morning because I'm on holiday and my last one was in 2009.*

Last time, I went to D&A (since merged with Boots) and was underwhelmed by the experience, particularly by their keenness to sell me glasses that I didn't really need from a sadly small selection. I hope that the new merged operation is better, but even the offer of a half price eye test has not tempted me to try them.

So I went to Specsavers (Woking) and found a shop full of cheerful, polite and helpful people dealing pleasantly and intelligently with a range of issues from the stressed man who needed replacement glasses as soon as possible to the chap who bought his glasses in another Specsavers store and had managed to bend the frame slightly so that one arm was pushing down on his ear and causing him discomfort. You might wonder whether it was just because it was early in the morning, but they were just as nice when I booked my appointment late yesterday afternoon.

The test went smoothly with the optician explaining what she was testing for and my eyes were pronounced to be pretty good with one working better for distant vision and the other for close work. The advice was to come back in two years unless something changes noticeably. They did not try to sell me glasses.

So I'm very happy with the whole experience and may well go back and buy some glasses for late night driving when my eyes are tired and reading road signs becomes slightly more of an issue.

*If you think that's bad, the one before that was in 1992, though the test results explain why I haven't bothered. :-)
1992: L -0.75, R -0.5
2009: L -0.5, R -0.25
2013: L -0.75, R -0.25
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